scientific text
The scientific research, the new postulate
for the fundamental right
      Since the anticient, the law has been the set of rules primary, set out in a space concrete and inherent space a human being, where it investigates the facts of a process that leads to the application of the scientific method, allowing an exact knowledge of precise and concrete form, this being the regulator of social coexistence which allows you to resolve conflicts between communitiesConstituting this process on changes and innovations
      However, witnessed that in the provision of some types of law, has been a complex process. One of them, is the fundamental right to scientific research, which bears a direct relationship with research activity that the man carries out to promote it and develop it. Where this activity is part of the process of the legislation of laws, since most people who legislate and impose laws are not knowledgeable of human behavior, their professions are not aimed to find out how is mental health, that scientific research, is to know what are the causes that generate abnormal behaviors of personality.
     No doubt the law starts to take part in this event, since this provides protection and facilitates compliance with the fundamental right, allowing to show the results of their shocking discoveries, where physics favors this process through the proposal of a certain way of thinking and know the reality, this being possible through their laws, which are constantly tested. where his theories and discoveries transform the world, achieving the development and evolution of science.
     The research refers to the above-mentioned actions, but it is not considered as a fundamental right; to see the difficulties and establish a difference between research and experimentation. A difference decisive to properly protect this right and others involved in the case of modern biomedical research.
     Reiterating last, that science is the expression of the creative freedom of the human being, that is embodied in human works, theoretical knowledge and instruments or models of the abstract and the concrete.

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